subject: some anon wanted one.


12 thoughts on “6/27/2013: META DISCUSSION

  1. I do not enjoy how you don’t always use my pokemon and sometimes the pokemons are useful.

    • If you reply to the champ, and your mon is among the first six mons, it’s going to be used.
      The one that gives the mon, the mon itself or it’s usefullness, are all irrelevant.

  2. Alright so yesterday there was a shitstorm on the thread regarding the “cancer killing showderp” and a whole discussion accusing people of being “oldfags” or “newfags”. This shitstorm paralyzed the thread and until an anon decided to take charge and become champ there was no battling going on. Just shitposting. This was not the purpose the thread was created for. We all just want to have [spoiler]fun[/spoiler] and relax while watching champ overcome the odds beating OU the Team.

    I may be wrong but I have attributed these problems to the growing popularity of showderp. I mean let’s face it, it’s a pretty interesting thread, with an appealing topic. Many of the people browsing /vp/ will get their attention caught and visit the thread. There’s nothing wrong with new friends. This isn’t a secret club. However it is commonly known that the same people that frequent /vp/ along, traders, battlers, breeders, and people like us, are also people new to the site that are familiar with pokemon, crossboarders from /b/ or /v/, shitposters, and finally trolls. I may be leaving some out. These people also come to the thread and may affect the “quality” of the thread with ceaseless spamming, overused jokes, and outright being obnoxious. The discussion yesterday was about these people killing showderp but instead of looking for a solution they decided to also shitpost about it and that gets us no where.

    Here is my proposal, we should move Showderp to /vg/. Before you get on my case please know that /vg/ is a board that MOSTLY stays on topic. The people that frequent it stay in the threads the came for and stay pretty self contained. Moving showderp to /vg/ could improve the “quality” of threads because only people dedicated to the thread would be in the thread. The groups we’d be escaping from would probably follow us for the first couple of days but it is my assumption that they’d stick to /vp/ and the quality of showderp would increase.

    Recently a Pokemon General has popped up in /vg/ and so far it seems to be going great. People dicuss battling and the such. So why not a Showderp General? We use an online simulator. There’s a Dueling Network general for the Yu Gi Oh card game simulator so we should be able to qualify for a general.

    Again this is just a thought. Feel free to correct me in anything I may be wrong or add your own ideas to improve Showderp.

  3. Is apt-get still doing that gym lead£r challenge?

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