I’ll be often adding some replays here. I’ll class them by Champion.

Current replays:

Apt-Get – Bill the Growlithe manages to tank a Stone Edge from a Tyranitar and saves the match by killing it with Close Combat. – The first ever Showderp battle. – Special Breloom manages at the end of the battle to land a Special Defense drop on Vaporeon on the last PP Focus Blast, guaranteeing the win. – Calm Mind Swadloon decimates gariel’s team, dying to a crit dark pulse at the end and being avenged by Sawsbuck.

LO Shuckle – CUDDLES the Gengar manages to kill half of GTO’s team with a moveset of Substitute / Disable / Ice Punch / Focus Punch, while swaggy the Scraggy manages to stall down Landorus’ U-turns and make GTO forfeit. – An entertaining Lilligant sweep. – An Ambipom beating up an OU team for the ragequit – How ironic.

Blood Totem – A heracross sweep, followed by Metagross cleaning the opponent.

Morfent – Probably the dumbest loss in Showderp. Morfent loses to an Ash team.

Boss Heracross – A 6-0 Scyther sweep against a dumb opponent. – An Acupressure Shuckle sweep against an opponent with… Three Pokémon that resist Rollout. – A transform Mew vs. Acupressure Shuckle PP stall battle.

bigdogicee – A clean CM Latias 6-0 sweep against a mono-electric team. – A curse Quagsire sweep. FOR THE BLOOD WAIFU

Elibump – A satisfying 5-0 Grumpig sweep against a SmearglePass team. – A 5-0 Rock Slide / Slam Rampardos sweep against a Baton Pass team. ROW FIGHT DA POWAH


Zarel, the creator of Pokémon Showdown!, was champ (and ironically, lost to MisterLister in its third (and final) battle).


Jasmine, an Admin of Pokémon Showdown!, was champ (for two battles, but still).

Random Replays – sheerol – Yes, our champion got swept by a Sunkern. – Polikujm – A series of tubes. – Ni-pur – Quick Claw Crobat saves the battle. – mrgenwunner – A cool prediction-filled battle ending in a 6-0 against a cookiecutter team. – Aggi – A 135-turn-long Smeargle stall, ending with the Champ’s loss. – Cheeseychips – BOOM BOOM! Metronome Togekiss saves the battle by escaping an Explosion with Double Team. – Tick – Accidentally going in Ubers and still winning with NU Pokémon. – Clevername – An Acupressure Tentacruel final sweep. – Kirbles – Why you shouldn’t try to stall a Quiver Dance Venomoth with a Wobbuffet: Quiver Dance 6-0. – BlakeLmao – Focus Punch Ledian is a pretty effective cleaner. – Pretin – Kalyben gets sweeped by a Sap Sipper Stantler, after sporing and energy ball-ing it. – Spherical Ice – A dunsparce ragequit, featuring a Copycat Blissey. – HoennBaby – A well-crafted Zoroark ruse. – MrWhite – All seemed lost until Regirock Goyim took the battle, he ran out of PP of stone edge but Sleep Talk saved the day. – Champ. Gary Oak – Double Protect saves the day against a Mienshao. – smallerfiredog – The infamous Metronome Disable + Draco Meteor Clefable battle.


External resources:

This Google Docs resource contains a lot of replays that I took. Thanks to John Doe aka PickDenis for making it.

This pastebin document has a fuckton of unclassified replays, thanks to whoever created it.

If you have more replays, just post a comment with the link of the replay and a little description! I’ll add it.
Fun fact: posting as “Anonymous” will directly publish your message: you won’t need to get it approved.

Last thing: don’t worry if your comment gets deleted, I remove them when I add the entry in this page.


26 thoughts on “Replays

  1. do you search replays with the archive, because I am sure you missed many good ones.

  2. I just made something like this: to submit and is where it goes to.

    • I just feel like this looks nicer than a Google Docs sheet, but yours is definitely easier to use thanks to the submit function. We can both make our own archive or just fusion the two, I guess.

      • What this seems to be going towards is your blog for entertainment and my sheet for reference, and on my side that is what I intended.

  3. Added most of the replays. Oh, and I’ll delete the comments that have replays in them so the page isn’t flooded.

  4. You could have a section for named sets (BLOOD TOTEM, etc) for reference.

  5. First bigdogicee battle doesn’t fit the description.

    Link error?


    This is hands down my favorite match I’ve ever watched Showderp take part in. The opponent is legitimately fooled by Zoroark even though he’s disguised as SLAKING and attacking on every turn, and vows to watch all of “Marriland’s” battles until he’s prepared to rematch him. He even asks the lobby how Slaking can possibly avoid using Truant.


    In what has to be the worst loss since Morfent losing to an Ash team, the chump gets completely wrecked by awesomecarlos’s Focus Sash Pikachu and mixed Snorlax. Add in a big heaping helping of hax and you’ve got yourself a quality stroke.

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